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On January 16, 2018 the Inyo County Board of Supervisors adopted three Ordinances regulating commercial cannabis activities in the unincorporated area of Inyo County (this does not include the City of Bishop or Tribal lands). The ordinances became effective February 16, 2018.


To operate a commercial cannabis business you will need:

  • An Inyo County Commercial Cannabis Business License. These will be available from the Inyo-Mono Agriculture Commission Office. Please direct your business license inquires to them at: 760-873-7860 (please also see below).


  • A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) approved by the Inyo County Planning Commission. You will need to submitt an application to the Planning Department. The application materials can be found under the Application Download heading (on the left of your screen). You may submit an application for a CUP at anytime (once the Inyo-Mono Agriculture Commission Office is accepting license applications), but cannot be scheduled for a Planning Commission hearing until you have first obtained an Inyo County Commercial Cannabis business license.


For more information regarding the CUP process or what is allowed in your zoning district, please contact the Planning Department at:



Zoning Regulations

 - Title 18 Commercial Cannabis Activities (Zoning)

 - Title 18 Expedited Abatement Procudure for Nuisances Caused by Cannabis Cultivation

 - Allowed uses by Zoning

Business licenses:

Infomation on the Business License process can be found at:   Inyo Mono Agriculture

For questions related to the Business License please contact the Inyo - Mono Agriculture Commission at: 760-873-7860.

 - Title 5 Commercial Cannabis Business License

 - License Zones Map

 - License allocation by license zone


Cannabis ordinance history and documents



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