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Crystal Geyser Roxane Water Quality Investigation

On July 24, 2014 the Water Board issued a 13267 Order requiring Crystal Geyser to investigate groundwater quality and process wastewater impacts. CG Roxane LLC has been discharging process wastewater to three onsite ponds for at least 10 years. Based upon Water Board staff’s observations and sample results the Facility’s wastewater discharge facilities present a significant risk of discharging pollutants at concentrations that could adversely affect the quality and beneficial uses of the surface waters and groundwater at and near the Facility (Lahontan Water Board).

For information about the Lahontan Water Board investigation please see:

Inyo County, the Lahontan Water Board and Crystal Geyser Roxane held a meeting on March 2, 2016 to discuss the situation with the community and other interested parties

Meeting Notice


FAQs and Questions submitted to staff prior to the meeting (these questions and answers were read at the meeting)

Inyo County's Presentation

Lahontan Water Board's Presentation

Crystal Geyser Roxane - Geosyntec's Presentation

Questions and Answers - Public Meeting March 2, 2016

Crystal Geyser and the Inyo County Environmental Health Department have offered to conduct free sampling of private wells in Cartago if people are interested. For more information about this please contact the Inyo County Environmental Health Department at: 760-878-0238

There have been many Planning Actions regarding the properties with the Crystal Geyser Bottling plants and accessory buildings since the early 1980s:

Conditional Use Permit 2006-04 - Notice of Decision

Conditional Use Permit 2006-04 - Site Plan

Conditional Use Permit 2002-02 - Notice of Decision

Conditional Use Permit 2002-02 - Site Plan

Conditional Use Permit 1999-06 - Notice of Decision

Conditional Use Permit 1999-06 - Site Plan

Conditional Use Permit 1996-10 - Notice of Decision

1994 Mitigated Negative Declaration for grading permit - bottling plant

Light Industrial (M2) 18.56 at time of building permit - bottling plant

1994 Certificate of Compliance #170

1990 Certificate of Compliance #148

Zone Reclassification 1987-55 - Notice of Determination

General Plan Amendment 1987-13 - Notice of Determination

Negative Declaration of Environmental Impact - General Plan Amendment 1987-13/Elton and

Zone Reclassification 1987-55/Elton

Conditional Use Permit 1983-10 - Notice of Decision

Conditional Use Permit 1981-23 - Notice of Decision

The Cabin Bar water bottling facility project is a seperate project that has been approved by the Inyo County Board of Supervisors. It will be located to the north of the Olancha facility on the old Cabin Bar Ranch site and is currently under building permit review. For information regarding this project please see: Cabin Bar - Crystal Geyser Water Bottling Plant at: Cabin Bar - Crystal Geyser Bottling Plant


Contact Information

For more information , please contact the Inyo County Planning Department at: 760-878-0263






















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