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Hello All - Thank you to all those who participated in the Meetings and Workshop held to date. Public and Stakeholder involvement is vital in development of the Plans and your ideas & comments have us off to a great start. Project reports, Maps and Analysis can be found at the below links under Project Materials.



Draft Strategic/Specific Plan - November 17, 2017


Draft Final Corridor Plan - November 17, 2017


Draft Preliminary Corridor Plan - April 28, 2017

Environmental Constraints Analysis

Preliminary Research Report and Opportunities & Constraints Summary - Oct. 20, 2016

Final Background/Opportunities/Constraints Report - Public Services and Infrastructure

Project Boundary Map

Opportunities and Constraints Map

Summary of Plan Concepts


North Sierra Highway Sustainable Corridor and Specific Plan Process:

Plan process

Past Meeting:

October 19, 2016 North Sierra Corridor Advisory Committee Meeting and Charrette - Meeting Flyer!

July 21, 2016 - Thursday - 6:00 pm - Presentation & Workshop - 2957 Birch Street

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In April of 2015 Inyo County was awarded a Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).  That grant was to pay for the development of the North Sierra Highway Corridor Plan.  The plan area is the North Sierra Highway area, which is U.S. Highway 395, roughly from the Tri-County Fairgrounds to the Paiute Palace Casino, in the northern portion of Bishop.  A Corridor Plan is a planning device to look at the existing conditions along a corridor (typically a road in a business district), to examine the existing conditions and restraints, to get general public and stakeholder input and then develop a plan for development of the corridor within the State's right of way.  


Inyo County, along with the City of Bishop and the Bishop Paiute Tribe had also looked in the past into the possibility of developing a Specific Plan for roughly this same area.  With the funding for the Corridor Plan in place, Inyo County saw the opportunity to work on the Corridor Plan and a Specific Plan in conjunction with each other, saving on costs as much of the research, outreach and plan development for the two types of plans overlap.  In the summer of 2015, Inyo County approached the City of Bishop and The Bishop Paiute Tribe and with their interest in participation, expanded the project to be a combined Corridor and Specific Plan.  Other stakeholders, including the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority, the Eastern Sierra Community Services District and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have been approached and expressed interest about participating in the project.


But what is a Specific Plan, and how does it differ from a Corridor Plan.  The biggest difference is that a specific plan looks beyond the immediate highway right-of-way and includes land adjacent to the corridor.  A Specific Plan is a comprehensive planning and zoning document for a defined geographic region.  It analyzes the existing conditions, opportunities and constraints, market trends (both short and long term), and other topics of interest.  It then uses that information to identify optimal future uses, infrastructure, and services to support the plan.  The North Sierra Highway Specific Plan will build upon goals of other plans done previously in the area, but will be of a larger scope, as it crosses multiple jurisdictions (City of Bishop, Inyo County and Bishop Paiute Tribe).  The goals that are particular to this Specific Plan are to develop a long term vision and infrastructure program for the lands adjacent to 395, to provide coordinated planning resulting in a better managed long-term development, and to complement other areas of the Bishop vicinity, like downtown Bishop.  And, as currently envisioned, the Specific Plan will also probably include the preparation of an EIR for the region, which will allow future projects to build upon this environmental documentation, expediting their process, and increasing their opportunities for future funding with a clear vision and supporting environmental documents in place.


In May of 2016, Inyo County hired RRM Design Group as our consultant for the North Sierra Highway Corridor and Specific Plan.  Since then, the County and RRM have been working together to collect all information available for the North Sierra Highway area to have a clear understanding of the opportunities and constraints in the project area.  And beginning in July, the County is beginning the process of outreach to the public, both to inform the public about the project and to begin to get public input.

Fall is the air and the Plan is continuing to move forward. The Kick-Off Meeting in July was well attended by the public and alot of great ideas were brought forward. See meeting summary for a look at the idea banners. The Kick-Off Presentation includes project description and plan process that will guide the project. The Advisory Committee will be met in September and a two day Charrette in October. See above Project Materials and Advisory Committee Schedule for additional meeting information.

Please watch our webpage for updates and addtional meeting information.



Please contact the Tom Schaniel, Inyo County Planning Department at or by phone at (760) 878-0405


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Staff Report - December 6, 2017


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July 21, 2016 Workshop

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Meeting-Charrette October 19, 2016

Meeting-Presentation May 25, 2016


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May 25, 2017

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