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Community Plans for Charleston View, Tecopa and Shoshone

The communities located in southeast part of Inyo County are often overlooked due to the low population and remote nature of the area. Recently

there has been a new focus on this part of the county due to the REGPA, the proposed Hidden Hills Solar project, an increased interest in tourism

and elevating concerns about diminishing water availability. The recent approval of the County’s REGPA brought forth many of these issues.

Charleston View had a Solar Energy Development Area (SEDA) identified within it. There has been a growing, recent, interest in federal

designations for the public lands in and surrounding the communities in Southeast Inyo County. Potential National Land Scape Conservation Lands

were identified in the Draft Desert Renewable Energy Plan for public lands in and near Charleston View. Due to this new increasing interest in the

area the County Board of Supervisors directed staff to begin preparing Specific Plans for Charleston View, Tecopa and Shoshone.

DRAFT - Charleston View Community Plan

DRAFT - Charleston View Vision Map

DRAFT - Tecopa Community Plan

DRAFT - Tecopa Vision Map













On October 5th, 6th and 7th 2016, public visioning meetings were held in Charleston View, Tecopa

and Shoshone. These meetings were very well attended and the participants worked hard with County staff to develop 'Vision Statements' for each community. These statements will act as the guiding principles for each plan.

Charleston View Vision Statement: Charleston View is a homegrown community focused on innovatively

sustaining life, history and culture for one another.

Tecopa Vision Statement: Tecopa is a forward thinking, technologically advanced, community and destination that preserves relaxation and encourages discovery.

Shoshone Vision Statement: Shoshone is a community of residents and visitors who enjoy it as a base camp for ecotourism, history and the natural environment of the area.


The Existing Conditions Reports are completed and staff will be presenting them to the Planning Commission on Wednesday April 27, 2016 - see below

Charleston View - Existing Conditions Report

Tecopa - Existing Conditions Report

Shoshone - Existing Conditions Report

For the individual specific plan areas:

Charleston View



 Important Dates and Events

A specific plan is a tool that local jurisdictions in California can use to guide development in a specified sub-area of the jurisdiction and provides actions to implement the jurisdiction’s general plan in that specified area. A specific plan also provides for more detailed development planning than a general plan does. The Specific Plans will focus on Charleston View, Tecopa and Shoshone to help the County and residents: evaluate and understand land use issues; create a vision and goals for the future; and, prepare a strategy to implement the vision and goals.

Map of the General Area







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