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Storage/Shipping Containers

The use of portable storage and cargo shipping containers has become common practice in Inyo County and you can find them scattered throughout. They are considered an accessory structure by the County's Zoning Code and the placement of a storage/shipping container over 120-square-feet requires an Inyo County Building Permit and zoning review.


Concerns related to storage/shipping containers in the County have been on the rise and recently there have been several zoning violations related to them. Due to these concerns regarding storage/shipping containers the Board of Supervisors asked Planning staff to evaluate their use and impacts in the County as well as potentially, ways to regulate them.

Contact Information

For more information on this process, please contact the Inyo County Planning Department 760-878-0263

















Important Dates and Documents


The Inyo County Planning Commission will be holding a Workshop on storage/shipping containers on October 31, 2017











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