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Welcome to the Inyo County Planning Department

The Planning Department is charged with the orderly growth and development of the County while maintaining its quality of life and natural environment. We serve as staff to the Inyo County Planning Commission; administer the County's Zoning, Subdivision, Environmental Review, and Surface Mining Reclamation Ordinances, and provide information to the public. If you would like to read more about the planning process in Inyo County, we invite you to download our Guide to Inyo County Planning. [PDF;301KB]


The Planning Department also assists the Inyo County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission in long-range planning for the County by maintaining the Inyo County General Plan and coordinating planning efforts with other local, state and federal agencies which affect the County and its residents.

Our most important mission is to always provide excellent customer service. If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback, please call or send us an e-mail message.


Quick Links to Planning-Related Information:

- Zoning Ordinance 

- Surface Mining Reclamation

- Natural Resource Advisory Committee (NRAC)
- Inyo County Housing

- Code Enforcement

Current Projects:

- Olancha Cartago Corridor Study (OCCS)

- Dark Skies/Exterior Lighting

- Short Term Vacation Rentals

- Storage/Shipping Containers

- Cannabis Regulation

-North Sierra Highway Corridor & Specific Plan

-Inyo County Hazard Mitigation Planning

-Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative 2.0 (RETI 2)

-Crystal Geyser Roxane Water Quality Investigation

- Specific Plans: Charleston View, Tecopa and Shoshone

- Owens Valley Solar Energy Study (OVSES)


- Inyo National Forest Plan Revision

- General Plan & Zoning Code Update

- Tribal Consultation Policy

- USFWS Critical Habitat Listing: Yellow-legged Frog & Yosemite Toad


Long Lake and Mt. Goode, Bishop Creek drainage







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