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Inyo Local Agency Formation Commission

                                 Post Office Drawer L
                                 Independence, CA 93526
                                 Phone (760) 878-0263

                                 FAX (760)-872-2712


Purpose of Inyo LAFCO

The Inyo Local Agency Formation Commission's (LAFCO's) role is to ensure the orderly formation of local government agencies, to preserve agricultural and open space lands and to discourage urban sprawl.  LAFCO serves the City of Bishop and over 30 special districts located within the boundaries of Inyo County, California.

On September 26, 2000, Governor Gray Davis signed into law AB 2838 (Chapter 761, Statutes of 2000), authored by Assembly Speaker Robert M. Hertzberg. This legislation, titled the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000, marked the most significant reform to local government reorganization law since the 1963 statute that created local agency formation commissions (LAFCOs) in each county. The legislation resulted from the recommendations of the Commission on Local Governance for the 21st Century, created by legislation enacted in 1997. The Commission's recommendations were included in its final report, titled Growth Within Bounds, issued on January 20, 2000. The Commission ceased to exist on July 1, 2000, pursuant to a statutory sunset provision.


Members of the Inyo LAFCO

bullet Jeff Griffiths - Inyo County  
bullet Rick Pucci - Inyo County (Chairperson)
bullet Joe Pecsi - (Vice-Chair) City of Bishop
bullet Laura Smith - City of Bishop
bullet Allen Toby - : Public
bullet Dan Totheroh - Alternate: Inyo County
bullet Pat Gardner - Alternate: City of Bishop
bullet Vacant- Public Alternate
bullet Cathreen Richards - Executive Office & Interim Planning Director
bullet Ryan Standridge- Staff Analyst & Clerk
bullet Counsel - County Counsel

Composition of Inyo LAFCO

Inyo LAFCO is comprised of five members who represent the following interests:
bullet Two members of the Inyo County Board of Supervisors and one alternate.
bullet Two members of the City Council of the City of Bishop and one alternate.
bullet One member of the general public and one alternate who are selected by the other four members.
Inyo LAFCO is an independent governmental agency.  Staff is provided under contract by the Inyo County Planning Department and represented by the Inyo County Counsel's Office.

Inyo LAFCO Actions

Inyo LAFCO has jurisdiction over changes in local government, with the exception of schools, in the County. Proceedings for changes in organization of special districts are subject to LAFCO proceedings under the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 (Government Code Section 56000 et. seq.). Proceedings are usually initiated by resolution of the local agency or by a petition from interested registered voters or landowners. However, a change in the law in 1994 allows LAFCO itself to initiate changes of organization under certain circumstances.

Changes in organization can include any of the following:

  • District Formation
  • Incorporation of a City
  • Annexations or detachments from a city or special district.
  • Disincorporation of a city.
  • District dissolution.
  • Consolidation of cities or special districts.
  • Change in a city or district "sphere of influence" or planning boundaries for its ultimate expansion.
  • Authorization of a special district to exercise or extend a "latent power" or the area over which that power is exercised.
  • Merger or establishment of a subsidiary district.
Inyo LAFCO also has the authority to approve or deny contracts for provision of services by a city or special district outside of its boundary and property tax exchange agreements between cities and special districts as part of a change in organization.


Inyo LAFCO is a member of the California Association of Local Agency Formation Commissions (CALAFCO).  Their web page provides additional information on the role and responsibilities of LAFCO and links to other LAFCOs in California.






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