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Title:  Conditional Use Permit #2007-03/Coso Operating Company LLC ("Hay Ranch" Water Extraction & Delivery System)

Description:  The project proposes to pump water from Coso's Hay Ranch property in Rose Valley (adjacent to, and east of, U.S. Highway 395, just north of Coso Junction and a half-mile south of Dunmovin) to their geothermal plant located within the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Center (CLNAWS).  Water will be withdrawn from two existing wells at Coso's Hay Ranch property at an averate rate of 3,000 gallons per minute (combined), or approximately 4,800 acre-feet per year.  The pipeline transporting the water from the Hay Ranch property to the geothermal plant will be approximately 9 miles long and consist of a 20-inch diameter steel pipe, which will be buried for most of its length.  In general, the pipeline will follow the path of existing roads and rights-of-way. The Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is proposed for a period of 30 years.

Planners:  Tanda Gretz , Planning Director Mike Conklin, & planning consultants from MHA/RMT.

Status: The project was approved by the Planning Commission and, on appeal, by the the Board of Supervisors. 


In addition to the links below, copies of the environmental documents for this project are available for review at the Inyo County Planning Department (168 N. Edwards Street, Independence) and at all Inyo County Public Libraries. 









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