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Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment (REGPA)

On March 24, 2015 the Inyo County Board of Supervisors approved GPA 2013-02/Inyo County (Renewable Energy)


Exhibit 1 - CEQA Findings

Exhibit 2 - Final MMRP

Exhibit 3 - Errata Sheet 3 with Figures

Exhibit 4 - Exhibit L Adopted Amendments to the REGPA

Exhibit 5 - GPA 2013-02/Inyo County (Renewable Energy) with Table 3-1 and SEDA Diagrams 32-32h

Comment letters handed out to the Board at the March 24, 2015 meeting

The Big Pine Tribe of the Owens Valley Letter is a correction to Attachment D

Notice of Determination

The Board of Supervisors will be conducting a public hearing on the REGPA March 24, 2015

Agenda Request Form

Attachment A  Planning Commission Staff Report, March 4, 2015 - Please see below

Attachment B  Errata Sheet #1: Public Comments and Responses from the March 4, 2015 Planning CommsissionHearing

Attachment C  Resolution

Attachment D  Comments Received Post Planning Commission Hearing March 4, 2015

Correction to Attachment D - Letter from the Big Pine Tribe of the Owens Valley

Additional Correspondence- Letter from the Center for Biological Diversity

The Draft REGPA is scheduled to go to the Planning Commission March 4, 2015

Final PEIR Volume II

Staff Report

Attachment  1 First Draft Version REDA Alternatives Map

Attachment  2 Scoping Comments

Attachment  3 Draft PEIR Comments

Attachment  4 Final PEIR Volume I Comments and Responses

Attachment  5 REGPA from PEIR Project Description

Attachment  6 Proposed SEDA Map

Attachment  7 Board of Supervisor's Comment Letter on the Draft DRECP

Attachment  8 Potential Alternative - Map of Adjusted Owens Lake SEDA

Attachment  9 Potential Alternative - Map of Adjusted Charleston View SEDA

Attachment 10 Potential Alternative - Map of Adjusted Rose Valley/Olancha DFA SEDA

Attachment 11 Potential Alternative - Map of Adjusted Rose Valley/Olancha MGS SEDA

Attachment 12 Potential Alternative - Map of Adjusted Pearsonville SEDA

Attachment 13 Additional Comment Letters

Public Hearing Notice

Comments received on the DRAFT Program Environmental Impact Report

DRAFT Program Environmental Impact Report - Inyo County Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment

DRAFT PEIR - Inyo County Renewable Energy General Plan Amendment

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Project Setting

3. Project Description

4. Impacts Analysis

4.1. Aesthetics

4.2. Agriculture and Forestry Resources

4.3. Air Quality

4.4. Biological Resources

4.5. Cultural Resources

4.6. Geology and Soils

4.7. Greenhouse Gases

4.8. Hazards and Hazardous Materials

4.9. Hydrology and Water Quality

4.10. Land Use and Planning

4.11. Mineral Resources

4.12. Noise

4.13. Population and Housing

4.14. Public Services

4.15. Recreation

4.16. Socioeconomics

4.17. Transportation

4.18. Utilities and Service Systems

5. Other CEQA Considerations

6. Project Alternatives

7. References

8. List of Preparers

Appendix A - Notice of Preparation

Appendix B - MMRP

Appendix C - Background Report

Appendix D - OCTS

Appendix E - Species Lists




Other Renewable Energy Planning Projects


Please contact the Planning Department at or by phone at (760) 878-0263


REGPA Materials & Documents

What is Renewable Energy and What Types are There?

Background Report

The Planning Department has prepared a Background Report for the REGPA. It has been prepared to give an overview of Inyo County’s current and previous efforts to include policies for renewable energy development in its General Plan. It includes a summary of work regarding renewable energy development done by many other agencies, organizations and jurisdictions that the County finds important to consider in the development of General Plan policy. It also provides a foundation for potential criteria that can be incorporated into any effort by the County to identify areas that may be appropriate for renewable energy development.

Opportunities and Constraints Technical Study (OCTS)

OCTS Updated Chapter 5 - Cultural Resources Section

The 2011 REGPA

In 2010 the County adopted Inyo County Code (ICC)-Title 21, the Renewable Energy Ordinance. After its adoption, County staff began work on an update to the General Plan to provide policy direction for commercial scale renewable energy generation development. The 2011 REGPA was completed in April, 2011. It was developed based on outreach to local, regional, State, Tribal and national stakeholders, government agencies, and the interested public.  As part of this update, a General Plan Land Use Designation Overlay was developed that identified where renewable energy projects, specifically solar and wind, might be developed. These areas were identified as places appropriate for further review for potential development, and were not pre-selected sites for development. The areas were identified with criterion that was based on site specific studies, environmental review, and permitting requirements pursuant to the Renewable Energy Ordinance and other applicable State, federal, and local laws. The update to the General Plan consisted of additions to the language in the Land Use, Public Services and Facilities, Economic Development, Conservation and Open Space, and Public Safety Elements. The updates focused on: identifying the appropriate means to develop renewable wind and solar energy resources, provided that social, economic, and environmental impacts are minimized; offsetting costs to the County and lost economic development potential, and mitigation of economic effects; working to protect military readiness, and; considering conversions of lands utilized for agriculture, mining, and recreation. 

In November 2011, the County was forced to rescind the REGPA due to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) litigation. This litigation was brought forth by the Center for Biological Diversity and the Sierra Club. Their argument was based on the idea that a Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) should have been prepared for the REGPA. The County contended that it was not necessary as any, and every, proposed renewable energy generation project would be required to include a project EIR. The County; however, lacked the resources to defend its position against the well-financed complaints.








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