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bulletNon-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-12/Hayata

bulletWalker Creek Road Bridge Replacement Project


bulletNon-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-10/Payne


bulletRoutine Maintenance Streambed Alteration Agreement for Public Works

Planning Commission Staff Report, October 24, 2018

Public Hearing Notice, October 24, 2018


  • Non-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-09/J. Castaneda


bulletNon-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-10/Payne


bulletNon-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-08/Steele


bulletNon-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-03/Gleason


bulletGPA 2018-02/Inyo County - MHMP


bulletZone Reclassification (ZR) 2018-02/In Ernest Holdings Ltd. Liability Company

bulletRoutine Maintenance Streambed Alteration Agreement for Public Works


bulletNon-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-05/ Campbell


bulletNon-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-04/Stewart


bulletNon-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-03/Gleason


bulletConditional Use Permit 2018-03/Stuart


bulletNon-Hosted Short Term Rental 2018-01/Rudolph


bulletSolar Project 2018/01 Barker


bullet Tentative Parcel Map No. 419/Baron


bulletGeneral Plan Amendment 2018-01/Cook & Zone Reclassification 2018-02/Cook


bulletZone Text Amendment 2018-01/Mini-storage facilities allowed as a Conditional Use in the Central Business Zone


bulletConditional Use Permit 2018-01/Silver Canyon Storage


bulletAmendment to Conditional Use Permit 2007-04/Project Darwin, LLC/Darwin Mine


bulletConditional Use Permit 2018-02/White Mountain Research Center


bulletConditional Use Permit 2017-03/F.W. Aggregate-Durability Mine and Reclamation Plan 2017-01/F.W. Aggregate-Durability Mine

bulletAppeal of Planning Director Decision 2018-01/Schlick

bulletTentative Parcel Map #418, Zoning Reclassification 2018-01/Sierra Highland CSD

bulletZone Text Amendment 2017-03, Adding Chapter 18.67 Entitled Non-Groundwater Neutral Agricultural Use Overlay District to the

        Inyo County Code

bulletTentative Parcel Map No. 409/Steward & Steward

bulletBishop Paiute Hotel and Business Incubator and Bishop Paiute Casino Project

bulletIndian Wells Valley

bulletWhitney Portal Road Improvements

bulletDesert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP)

bulletRenewable Energy General Plan Amendment (REGPA)

bulletMunro Valley Solar Project

bulletAdventure Trails

bulletCabin Bar - Crystal Geyser Bottling Plant

bulletFort Independence Hotel and Casino Project

bulletUS Fish & Wildlife - Proposal for Critical Habitat Designation for Yellow-Legged Frog

bulletZoning Code & General Plan Updates

bulletState Responsibility Area (SRA) Fire Prevention Benefit Fee

bulletInyo National Forest Plan Update/Revision

bulletDigital 395 Project

bulletU.S. Forest Service Land Exchange:  "Mammoth Base Land Exchange"

bulletBrightSource Energy, LLC Solar Projects:  "Hidden Hills"

bulletBrownfield Grant

bulletLos Angeles Department of Water & Power Southern Owens Valley Solar Ranch

bulletOwens Lake Planning Effort










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